Denise has been involved with horses her entire life and earned a B.S. in Equine Studies from Wilson College, Chambersberg, Pennsylvania.  She founded Inside Out Horse Training in 1999.

     A horse named Sun Son gets the credit for Denise’s current training philosophy.

     Sun Son and his refusal to get into a trailer led to further study of how to understand this horse and to develop of positive relationship with him.  Denise has had many wonderful teachers along this way, most notably Terry Church (

Denise Lesnik

Sofia began riding at a young age, enjoying trail riding with her father.  She began hunter/jumper riding by the age of 12, and training by the age of 16.  Sofia began working at Inside Out in 2004 and has participated in many dressage and horsemanship clinics.

     Sofia is passionate about horse healthcare and uses her natural horsemanship experience both in horse care at the barn and in a hippotherapy program she is involved with at a nearby barn.


Inside Out Horse Training

Training for the horse and horseman.

Sofia Kalupski