Inside Out Horse Training is dedicated to improving and developing the relationship between horse and human. Our training is geared for any level of rider and applies to a variety of disciplines, including starting young horses under saddle, behavioral issues, developing riding skills, and building trust between horse and rider. We usually start with ground work. On the ground, the person can see and feel things in the horse that will help with the partnership under saddle.

     We teach the rider to be aware of the horse and ride through feel instead of mechanics.  The horse can learn to become more respectful and to do the tasks that we ask, but the real challenge is for the human to learn to understand the horse.  The horse does not often need to make big changes- the human does.  We teach people to learn to work with their horses, rather then trying to force the horses to do what they want.  In learning to understand a horse’s motivation, the humans will find that they did not spend enough time developing the horse’s desire to try.  It is much more rewarding to have your horse do something because he wants to, rather than because he was forced.

     We teach a basic balanced seat, as it transitions well to most disciplines of riding, from western to trail to dressage. 

Inside Out Horse Training

Training for the horse and horseman.